Elvior XML-Simulator 

Asynchronous XML messaging test tool

XML-Simulator is a general test tool for applications using asynchronous XML messaging. It can be customized to support any XML messaging protocol. XML-Simulator can be used to test for example web services, P2P applications, distributed embedded applications etc.
Elvior XML Simulator

XML-Simulator is a Java application. It is tested on Win32, Linux, Solaris x86, and Solaris SPARC.

Screenshots of the test environment

Overview of the log and script sequence.

You can view the XML messages in a tree view as well as in XML view.

XML Simulator screenshot

  • Editing XML messages
  • Validating XML messages
  • Customizable by XSD and DTD
  • Test scripting
  • Load test
  • Test assets management
  • Logging test results
  • Full HTTP/HTTPS support
  • Secure TSL/SSL support
  • UDPCP protocol support
  • RP1 and MLP protocols support

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