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Why migrate TTCN-2 test suites to TTCN-3?

  • TTCN-2 is an out-dated technology. TTCN-3 is more advanced and still evolving.
  • Tool support for TTCN-2 is diminishing while TTCN-3 tools support is strengthening.
  • Migration helps to secure your past TTCN-2 investments

Why manual migration is not an option

  • Manual test suites migration from TTCN-2 to TTCN-3 is time consuming (3-5 test cases per day)
  • Manual migration is error prone.
  • Migrating manually hundreds of test cases is therefore unfeasible

The benefits of Elvior's TTCN-2 to TTCN-3 migration services:

  • Your past TTCN-2 investments will be secured
  • Existing TTCN-2 test suites will be migrated to TTCN-3 quickly.
  • Elvior provides the fixed price quote that dpeends on the size and complexity of TTCN-2 suite.
  • The resulting TTCN-3 test suite is correct, error-free and readable.

Illustration by Gerda Märtens

RESTFul APIs testing and TTCN-3

Elvior has developed a TTCN-3 based solution for RESTFul APIs test automation.

Test automation workflow of RESTFul APIs using TTCN-3 includes following steps:
1.Define TTCN-3 data types for RESTFul API endpoints:
 - Automatic conversion of JSON Schemas (swagger.json) or
 - Semiautomatic conversion of JSON bodies to TTCN-3 types
2.Develop test cases for RESTFul API endpoints
 - Request/Response pairs for endpoints
 - Test logic depending on endpoint
3.Execute test case(s)
4.Analyze results
Introductory slides are available here.
For more information, please contact


AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is an open and standardized automotive software architecture, jointly developed by automobile manufacturers, suppliers and tool developers. It is an alliance of OEM manufacturers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers working together to develop and establish a de-facto open industry standard for automotive E/E architecture which will serve as a basic infrastructure for the management of functions within both future applications and standard software modules.

AUTOSAR has chosen TTCN-3 as their official test language for conformance tests. Elvior's TestCast, the TTCN-3 test tool, can be used for AUTOSAR conformance and accpetance tests.

For more information, please contact

3GPP LTE testing using TestCast

 3GPP LTE testing

TestCast's compliance to TTCN-3 specifications and interoperability with other commercial TTCN-3 test tools was demonstrated on the 1st TTCN-3 test tools Plugtests organised by ETSI 2-3 June 2009.  

We are proud of the innovative approach that is used in TestCast for handling ASN.1 messages. TestCast includes ASN.1 codecs that are configurable by ASN.1 definitions dynamically. You don't need to rebuild your codecs after ASN.1 definitions have been changed. TestCast ASN.1 codecs can take the changes into account automatically.

 How to use 3GPP LTE test suite developed by ETSI with TestCast.

Nomor and Elvior have partnered to offer the first pre-integrated solution to building LTE UE test equipment and testing LTE UE stack software. This completely integrated solution combines the Nomor eNodeB LTE stack with a TTCN-3 interface that turns the Nomor stack into a system adapter for Elvior’s TestCast TTCN-3 tool

Nomor’s and Elvior’s joint offering allows a quick start to developing a test environment for LTE UE testing. Using TTCN-3 technology to test both - 3GPP 36.521 (RF) and 36.523 standards. 

Download leaflet of the solution.

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