TestCast 6.9.1 (30.10.2015)

New features:

  • Improved stability
  • Improved compile time errors and warnings mechanism


  • Option to disable strong typing in redirect assignments
  • It is possible to detect array indexes that are larger than array boundary in compilation time now
  • Dimensions of arrays visible in errors and warnings messages
  • Fixed order of TriExecuteTestCase and automatic MTC mapping
  • Fix: execute with timeout caused run time exception when the test case contained parameters
  • Corrections in error messages concerning invalid formal parameter usage
  • String items cannot be passed by reference - XSD group references to groups defined in included schemas no longer  causes a crash in XSD conversion to TTCN-3
  • Fix: when using assignment notation, the actual parameters were not evaluated in the order of their presence; the order of formal parameters was incorrectly used instead
  • References in actual parameters that are passed to out formal parameters   are resolved before the actual parameterized call now
  • References to other parameters of the same object used in default value  definitions didn't cause an error under specific circumstances
  • The decmatch matching mechanism was not recognized by the istemplatekind   function
  • Uninitialized encoded_value parameter was not handled properly in the decvalue function
  • USI notation was not properly translated into characters
  • Some encoding strings used in predefined functions were not correctly  processed
  • The select-case statement didn't support template instances in branches
  • Unexpected error was generated when a case branch of a select union    contained three or more union alternatives
  • Identifier clash was not detected when a parameterized template whose all   parameters have a default value used the same identifier as one of the   enumerated values of its parent enumerated type 
  • Strong typing for reply, getreply, catch and raise
  • Index assignment notation was not accepted as a valid compound expression
  • Invalid warning issued for using a standalone stop statement in functions called from the control block
  • Port index of multidimensional port arrays received over TRI was not always properly converted to a correct port reference
  • Stricter rules for port address types in sender redirect 
  • NMTOKENS support in the codec
  • New definition of the year pattern in the XSD module
  • Parent type constraints were ignored when converting XSD facets into   constraints
  • Several XSD pattern characters were not correctly converted to TTCN-3    patterns 

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