TestCast 6.8.3 (28.4.2015)

New features:

  • Timeout for TCI DLL calls allowing detection of problems in external TCI implementation
  • Logging of TCI and TRI trace - enhanced problems detection in TCI and TRI implementation
  • Go to line functionality for log lines created by a log statement


  • Modified built in ASN.1 codec 
  • Added optional support for ASN.1 UNIVERSAL tag in the code
  • Added support for ASN.1 EXPLICIT TAGS and IMPLICIT TAGS in the BER codec
  • Lifting restriction on module visibility for open type values defined in ASN.1 (still valid for TTCN-3 types)
  • Improved processing of TRI/TCI communication over TCP/IP
  • Modifications and bug fixing i usage of  lazy/fuzzy variables
  • Updated TCI-XML codec is able to process non-TCI-XML content embedded inside record of values now
  • Fix: template(value) and template(omit) assignment was not linked properly leading to occasional TE crashes
  • Fix: default parameter values were not assigned properly in case the default value was a runtime-resolved expression containing a compile-time resolved constant and the function itself was called from a different module than the one where it was specified
  • Fix: compilation didn't succeed when executing modified script containing compile-time resolved parameterized templates in environments with  an active external codec
  • Fixed problems with size of integer types in native Linux libraries causing TCI crashes

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