TestCast 6.5.0. Release Notes

New features:

  • Implicit XML codec support for TTCN-3 code generated from XML schema
  • Semantic errors are generated instead of syntax errors in case of invalid param and value clause in getcall, getreply and catch call
  • Menu command for deleting converted scripts
  • Inout parameters of different but compatible types are passed by value and a compile-time warning is generated about that
  • Anytype values can contain qualified type reference (with a module identifier). This non-standard functionality is switched off by default, but it can be activated from project settings
  • New option in compilation settings: detected uninitialized values can be displayed either as errors or warnings
  • Automatic detection of TTCN-3 version from language tags can be switched off
  • Compiler setting allowing that enumerated items with unique names can be used outside of their parent type context
  • Compiler setting allowing functions without a "runs on" clause to call functions that contain a "runs on" clause
  • UI setting allowing to use different codecs for individual ASN.1 modules
  • ASN.1 modules can be encoded with TCI XML encoding
  • Improved compile time detection and processing of recursive types
  • Improved performance of graphical logs


  • Support for using blank member type reference in expressions (as a part of extended type reference, e.g. in MyType?[-].create)
  • Auto-complete automatic popup disabled when specifying range
  • Minor problem with forward references to a type in constant and similar declarations: under certain conditions, an invalid type reference error was reported
  • Fixes concerning pattern templates (related to scope handling, pattern format and template concatenation)
  • Two or more references to a forward label definitions cause an invalid compilation error
  • Import of subgroups without fully qualified name
  • XSD attribute group references were not correctly resolved if the referenced group was located in a different schema
  • Two XSD schemas targeting the same namespace, but with different elementFormQualified, attributeFormQualified and namespace prefix settings were not handled correctly
  • Auto-complete doesn't display a symbol list inside invalid syntax
  • Reference resolver in XSD conversion: element and type references were sometimes resolved as references from a different namespace if there was an element or type with the same name in that namespace
  • The "useOrder" attribute is put to the correct level now
  • Conversion of an enumerated facet into a value list constraint in case conversion to an enumerated type is not possible
  • Referencing anytype value using dot notation inside a function call  caused incorrect compile time error in two specific cases
  • Fixed a problem causing an incorrectly error message when a function called in a guard statement contained a function call with out or inout parameters
  • Fixed a problem with missing value check for out parameter assignments occurring in case of type that allow null value
  • Anytype values declared in ASN.1 modules are not restricted to the types visible in the declaring module
  • Fixed a problem with references to XSD union types
  • Multiline string support
  • Embedded constructive types are available only for TTCN-3:2005 and newer

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