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TestCast 6.4.4

Elvior has released TestCast T3 version 6.4.4


New features:

  • Preliminary TTCN-3:2012 support (based on draft ES 201 873 4.3.2 2011-07)
  • ETSI ES 201 873-5 V4.3.1 support (TTCN-3 Runtime Interface)
  • ETSI ES 201 873-6 V4.3.1 support (TTCN-3 Control Interface)
  • ETSI ES 201 873-7 V4.3.1 support (Using XML schema with TTCN-3)


  • Improved support for inline templates: type of templates without type prefix is determined from the code context
  • Functions with missing return statements generate a warning instead of an error in compile time
  • When a function returning a value terminates without executing a return statement, an exception is thrown
  • Uninitialized items inside constructive values are logged using the minus character (instead of string UNINITIALIZED)
  • Support for ASN.1 EXPORTS ALL clause
  • The compiler detects more situations where uninitialized values are used
  • Problem with displaying values of several enumerated fields in the property grid occurring in Linux builds
  • XSD item type (attribute, element) is used for sorting during renaming only on the module level, not inside types
  • XSD conversion no longer fails when resolving anyAttribute namespace
  • XSD conversion no longer fails when resolving group reference inside a sequence Untagged attribute was not attached to members of record of types in some cases
  • Compilation no longer fails when partially initialized constant values are used as operands of rotate operations
  • Fix for a graphical glitch in the editor concerning rendering of the tab character
  • ASN.1 NULL type appearing in a defined syntax was not properly handled
  • ASN.1: multiple constraints were not parsed correctly
  • Displaying anytype values in the syntactical view of the log item dialog
  • Whitespace in ASN.1 binary string literals
  • ASN.1 comma separated export list can contain unlimitted number of items
  • Import of module parameter groups declared inside groups using dedicated
  • group import works correctly
  • Improved support for useful types
  • Useful types are supported by the auto-complete function of the code editor
  • List templates are processed correctly by ischosen
  • Some errors (e.g. invalid indices, uninitialized values in expressions)
  • were not detected by the ispresent and ischosen function
  • The runtime was unable to distinguish between uninitialized value and the null value
  • Fix for premature termination of compilation occurring when an address constant containing the null value was used in expressions
  • Error print for opening pdf file doesn't occur several times in Linux builds anymore
  • Correction of the lengthof operation so that it returns a fixed number of arrays and fixed-size records of and sets of
  • Using dot notation or index operator with uninitialized fields in the log operation cause a runtime error
  • Improved detection of incorrectly used module identifier
  • Anytype values can reference imported types
  • Fix for a code editor docking issue occurring on Linux
  • Fix for an error occurring when trying to open a log item while no item is selected
  • XSD pattern conversion: multiple XSD patterns concatenated with OR
  • XSD pattern conversion: additional special characters escaping
  • Pattern template and constraint: improved handling of the set expression
  • XSD import clauses for sources specified with URI works correctly
  • Multicast send operation containing a message not allowed in the out part of a port type caused unexpeted compilation termination
  • Alive operation caused unexpected compilation termination if the referenced variable wasn't a component
  • Construction ModuleId.BuiltInType (where ModuleId is a module identifier and BuiltInType is a type keyword such as integer) caused unexpected compilation termination when used on the right hand side of an  assignment
  • Syntax errors occurring in an external attribute file are properly logged
  • The check operation with no blocking operation inside parentheses can be
      used for message ports too
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