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TestCast 6.4.3

Elvior has released TestCast T3 version 6.4.3


New features:

  • TTCN-3:2011 (ES 201 873 4.3.1) support
  • Support for circular import in ASN.1
  • Binary codec: in case of no encoded length field and no fixed length setting, the length of decoded record of, set of, octetstring, bitstring and hexstring is calculated from the length constraint (if it exists)
  • Support for the ASN.1 EXTERNAL type
  • Support for the legacy ASN.1 ANY type


  • Value names for open type encoding corrected in the GUI
  • Byte order setting for RS232 and TCP adapter is processed correctly now
  • Handling of temporary values in the substring function
  • ASN.1 types can have the same name as the parent module
  • Compiled ASN.1 tagged string types were not loaded properly
  • Improved error messages for incorrectly declared ports
  • Improved algorithm for detection of missing return statement and unreachable code
  • Import of constants in ASN.1 caused errors in some cases
  • Handling of OCTET STRING literals in ASN.1
  • Fix for ASN.1 import error: the same item with a name containing hyphen(s) imported in two separate import statements
  • Minor corrections in extended type reference and qualified address type reference
  • Search function: word boundary is applied to the searched string beginning/end only if the starting/terminating character is an alphanumeric character
  • Search function: saved position of the previously found item is reset when the next searched item is different from the previous search
  • Change of ASN.1 module name when a script file name is modified 
  • Dialog asking about module name change doesn't appear anymore if the script is not TTCN-3 or ASN.1 
  • Changed hotkeys for "rebuild main script" and "create runtime" (conflict with tab-switching hotkeys) 
  • Button for filter opening from property grid doesn't open the filter wizard if the solution is not saved
  • Fix for a Mono-specific problem in reverse search
  • Replace didn't work properly if the reverse search was active and there were two strings to replace on the same line
  • Deleting items in the breakpoint view doesn't cause an error anymore (Mono-specific)
  • The "go to error" function works in the graphical log too
  • In case of template modification, expansion of certain symbols defined as unexpandable in ES 201 873-1 chapter 15.6 didn't cause an error as required by the specification
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