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TestCast 6.4.2

Elvior has released TestCast T3 version 6.4.2

New features:

  • Linux version
  • Support for updated XSD import rules
  • Improved support for ‘objid’ type in TTCN-3 compiler


  • in RS-232 support
  • Convert to TTCN-3 command added to the tab menu
  • Compile and convert commands are not visible if not applicable
  • Fix for a graphical glitch in editor status bar rendering occurring when
  • a non-transparent window is dragged over it
  • Fix for the problem in the stop operation that could cause a deadlock or unhanded exception in specific conditions
  • XSD parser modifications 
  • TRI timers: parsing of large values (scientific notation containing plus sign in the exponent)
  • The initTci function was called twice for an external codec if an external logger was present as well 
  • Fix for the problem with asynchronous processing of the hello messagereceived from external components
  • Run and compile menus disabled if an external test manager is in use 
  • Logged timer stop event generated when a component is explicitly stopped contains the file and line of the stop command
  • Empty log filter files are not created anymore
  • Log filter files are renamed together with projects
  • The select-case command no longer causes an unexpected runtime exception in case of temporary values substr function for string templates
  • Format check was not performed on octetstring template literals used as an inline template without a type prefix
  • The lengthof function returned incorrect value in case of octetstring templates 
  • Fix for compiler crash in parsing ASN.1 default syntax
  • Fix for compiler crash in parsing ASN.1 open type values (based on INTEGER or BIT STRING) inside a field list
  • Unconstrained references using information from ASN.1 objects notation were not properly linked
  • Fix for an outline parsing issue concerning instances of parameterized types containing value references in the parameter list
  •  XSD parser: element reference in <all> content caused compiler crash
  • Support for multiline comments in ASN.1
  • Memory leak in the compile all function
  • The code editor didn't trigger refresh after <tab> press
  • Fix for the unhandled error occurring after opening the "search all" dialog when no tab window is open 
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