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TestCast 6.3.1

TestCast T3 6.3.1 new features

Test cast introduces a new and comprehensive native debugger. 
  • Full featured native TTCN-3 debugger
    • breakpoints
    • watches
    • step, step in, step out
    • pause / continue execution
  • Complex log filters with enhanced logging
  • New license manager
  • Resolving \N metacharacter in patterns when the referenced value is nota constant or it contains a matching symbol
  • Dedicated error message for ifpresent template extension being appliedto a mandatory item
  • Ifpresent and length extension can be applied to inline templates if thetype prefix is missing
  • Logging format of anytype values
  • Fix for a problem with resolving the IPv4 loopback address occuring onsome systems with IPv6 support
  • Superfluous nested type is no longer generated if minOccurs andmaxOccurs are present in a type restriction
  • Extended dot notation in alternatives
  • Fix for an IPv6-related issue on XP machines witch SCTP protocol stack installed
  • Invalid error message concerning language version appearing whenattempted to import a module containing syntax errors
  • Ifpresent function produced incorrect compilation error saying thatit cannot be used for mandatory items in some cases
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