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TestCast 6.2.1
8th of December 2010

TestCast T3 6.2.1 new features

  • Support to find all occurrences in the project or current file


TestCast T3 6.2.1 improvements

  • Removed an incorrect error message occurring when ischosen was applied    to an unselected variant of a constant union
  • Handling integer and binary string literals in autocomplete
  • Complex boolean expressions with mixed variable and constant operands caused an incorrect runtime exception in certain situations
  • Activate is allowed in the control part now
  • Alt statement doesn't have to contain any alternative
  • Fix for handling string templates with a length restriction by the    lengthof function 
  • Autocomplete: content of modified templates is no longer shifted by one level
  • The compliler generates less errors for erroneous or missing types
  • Changed a wrong identifier in TRI tutorials for Java, C# and VisualBasic
  • Error handling in case of superset, subset, permutation and length restriction appearing on the left hand side of an assignment when the right hand side of the assignment is of a different, but compatible type and semantic rules for this type rules don't allow to use these matching symbols   
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