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TestCast 6.2.0

12th of November 2010


TestCast T3 6.2.0 new features

  • Support of XML Schema Definition (XSD); XSD to TTCN-3 convertor
  • Support for latest IMS test suites (fully compilable)

TestCast T3 6.2.0 improvements

  • Several minor changes in "go to definition" regarding ASN.1 identifiers
  • Support for negative enumerated valuesTTCN-3 language version check produces only warning now if imported module uses a newer TTCN-3 version
  • Component compatibility check move to runtime (polymorph component instances could produce invalid compile time errors)
  • Items from extended components are correctly displayed in the autocomplete drop-box
  • Resolving of extended references in case of recursive types
  • Fix for two compiler crashes caused by invalid parameters passed to the regexp function
  • Template modification doesn't require strict type compatibility for source template; common compatibility rules are used instead
  • Parameterized template declaration in a statement block doesn't cause compiler crash anymore
  • The module language clause can contain multiple items
  • Teferencing an inactive field of a compile-time resolved union in an expression doesn't cause compiler crash anymore
  • ASN.1 PER codec always inserts padding bits at the end of messages so that they are octet-aligned
  • Loading codec settings from project files
  • ASN.1 PER codec handles TTCN-3 hexstring as BIT STRING
  • Conversion between hexadecimal and decimal integers added to the log item dialog
  • Fix for autocomplete bug causing that no item is selected after certain key combination
  • The regexp function accepts inline templates now
  • Unreachable code error changed to warning
  • Several corrections concerning format of character string patterns
  • Template modification can be applied to inline templates with a type prefix
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