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TestCast 6.0.1 release note
Elvior is known for being dynamic and responding quickly to customer queries and new TTCN-3 standard releases. In addition to our recent updates to the MessageMagic TTCN-3 test tool, we have also rebranded MessageMagic as TestCast.  The new TestCast trademark represents our tool’s essence in a more seamless way than the former one. The decision was made based on our customers' and partners' queries that noted often that the previous name did not have the same holistic meaning to everybody. With the new re-branded test tool we stepped into the 6th generation development and are happy to provide a top level TTCN-3 testing platform to all of you. In case of any queries regarding the re-branding please refer to

Release of TestCast 6.0.1

TestCast is rebranded MessageMagic. MessageMagic used to support two different test scripting languages - TTCN-3 and MSL. TTCN-3 is ETSI standardized test scripting language. MSL is Elvior's proprietary legacy test scripting language. In conjunction with rebranding MessageMagic to TestCast we also split the tool into two lines TestCast T3 that supports only TTCN-3 scripting language and TestCast MM that supports only MSL scripting language.  As a result both tool lines’ user interfaces are simplified and easier to use because they do not include unrelated functions for particular use.

TestCast T3 6.0.1 improvements

  • MSL scripting language support is removed
  • TTCN-3:2010 support added
  • Improved TCP-based adapter wizard

TestCast MM 6.0.1. improvements

  • TTCN-3 scripting language support is removed
  • Buffered logging: logs are continuously saved to the disk. Only a small buffer is kept in the memory
  • Support for unknown enumerated items in plain decoder (configurable)

Former MessageMagic customers can download TestCast in Elvior Online Customer Support.
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