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MessageMagic 5.9
Release Notes  21.4.2010


  • Test session report
  • Wizard for creating adapters
  • Continuous log saving during test session
  • Faster log loading
  • Component filter for logs
  • TTCN-3 and ASN.1 parsing speed improved by 10 %
  • Faster linking of imported modules
  • ASN.1: support for COMPONENTS OF
  • ASN.1: support for contents constraint (CONTAINING, ENCODED BY)


  • Parsing symbols can be used as default parameter values
  • Parameterised templates can be instantiated without parameters if all parameters have default values
  • Horizontal scroll bar added to the start page
  • Built-in codec didn't clean-up procedure wasn't performed correctly in case of component termination causing invalid decoding results in following decoding calls
  • Replace dialog cannot be activated if an editor is in a read-only mode
  • The address type declared in a group is now properly imported with this group
  • Address type visibility is now set properly
  • or4b operator for hexstring operands
  • Comparison of "set of" values
  • Fixed problem with disabled hotkeys for pasting in the solution explorer and property grid
  • Log operation occurring in an alsteps started from the control block doesn't cause exception anymore
  • Improved error messages in case on missing return and output values in external functions
  • Errors in external attributes, external module parameters, test selections and test campaigns are properly displayed after loading a solution
  • Warning count is correctly calculated in case of compilation without rebuilding
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