TestCast pricing

Node locked licenses
Node locked license is granted for a single node.
Single user licenses  *)  
Single user license is granted for a particular user.                                                     
Multi-user licenses *)   
With multi-user licenses are granted for a pool of users. Any user within a pool can use the tool, up to the limit of max-users specified by the license.                                         
*) all prices are per user

Users training
Test teams training is provided on demand using customised training programs for each customer.
Permanent licenses
Permanent license is an one time sale of the product (never expires). Permanent licenses do not include product updates nor support. Active support which includes product updates can be purchased separately The annual support fee is 20% of the license price.

Subscriptions are valid for a specific time period. Support and maintenance is included. Subscription periods from 3 month to 1 year  are available.

Academic licenses
Elvior offers licenses for academic purposes for a discounted price. For further information, please contact us. 

Evaluation licenses
Evaluation license is for evaluation purposes (usually it is limited to 15 days). Evaluation license is free of charge. Full versioned tool is available for evaluation.