3GPP LTE testing

TestCast's compliance to TTCN-3 specifications and interoperability with other commercial TTCN-3 test tools was demonstrated on the 1st TTCN-3 test tools Plugtests organised by ETSI 2-3 June 2009.  

We are proud of the innovative approach that is used in TestCast for handling ASN.1 messages. TestCast includes ASN.1 codecs that are configurable by ASN.1 definitions dynamically. You don't need to rebuild your codecs after ASN.1 definitions have been changed. TestCast ASN.1 codecs can take the changes into account automatically.

 How to use 3GPP LTE test suite developed by ETSI with TestCast.

Nomor and Elvior have partnered to offer the first pre-integrated solution to building LTE UE test equipment and testing LTE UE stack software. This completely integrated solution combines the Nomor eNodeB LTE stack with a TTCN-3 interface that turns the Nomor stack into a system adapter for Elvior’s TestCast TTCN-3 tool

Nomor’s and Elvior’s joint offering allows a quick start to developing a test environment for LTE UE testing. Using TTCN-3 technology to test both - 3GPP 36.521 (RF) and 36.523 standards. 

Download leaflet of the solution.