Online Customer Support

Elvior offers Online Customer Support for all the partners and customers who have an active support contract. To read about Elvior's support policies in detail, please visit TestCast Support and XML-Simulator Support pages respectively.

Our Online Customer support serves various means:
  • Technical Solutions
  • Download Areas for paying and  evaluating customers
  • Submitting Requests for product issues
  • Checking the status of your existing requests

Evaluation license

For downloading evaluation licenses, please register at Elvior's Online Customer Support.

NB! Please do not use an anonymous e-mail addresses for registration as Elvior might not grant the access to you.

After the registration, please make a ticket and request for evaluation package. Our Online Customer Support representatives will set-up an evaluation package for you. Please use the Online Support Area for any questions you might have during the evaluation period. 

Regular license and product upgrades

For tool downloads, please visit your designated download area. You can find the tools assigned to your company there. Please note, that product upgrades and new patches will also be uploaded in your designated download area. 

Questions and Answers 

Organizations with active support term can use Elvior's Online Customer Support area for Q&A. Elvior's representatives will do their best to answer your questions as quickly as possible. 

You can sign-in directly to our Online Customer Support area at

Support policies for tools

TTCN-3 TestCast


For any other queries please contact us