Software Test Automation and TTCN-3 Workshop in Bangalore 29th-30th March

Andres Kull

Elvior test automation experts Andrus Lehtmets and Andres Kull gave a two-day workshop on software test automation and TTCN-3 in Bangalore 29th-30th March 2012. The workshop was done in cooperation with the Edista Testing Institute.

The workshop's target audience included:
•    Test Engineers
•    System Engineers and Designers
•    Project Managers responsible for Testing and Development

The target of the workshop was to:
•    Understand TTCN-3 and review the code
•    Develop TTCN-3 tests on your own
•    Become aware of TTCN-3 technology and know areas where TTCN-3 is applicable
•    Track and report defects based on the risk test strategy.
•    Understand and develop automated testing environments on your own
•    Execute test cases and analyse results (TTCN-3 logs)

What we saw outside of the classroom in Bangalore

Our students were extremely diligent to learn TTCN-3

Develop your system as simple as possible. Then there is less to test.

This manual sewing machine is very reliable. It never requires reset.

A hard-working taxi driver tells us about his life.