D-MINT was European ITEA2 project (2007-2009). D-MINT, a consortium of 25 partners from industry and research based in 6 European countries, developed, enhanced, and deployed high performance methods and tools for quality assurance of large and distributed software-intensive systems.

Elvior was a coordinator of Estonian consortium and a tool vendor of D-MINT project. Other Estonian partners were Eliko (case study provider) and Tallinn University of Technology (research partner).

Each D-MINT partner provided domain specific challenges, ideas, and concepts to the project, which were integrated into a comprehensive approach on automated software engineering. As a key concept every development within D-MINT was driven on the basis of case studies, which also served for empirical and functional validation of results. D-MINT provided partners and European Industry with leading edge technology that is capable to produce high quality software at reduced expenditure in terms of time and money.

Estonian consortium applied model based testing technology in testing Feeder Box Controller of Street Lighting System.

Estonian consortium was financially supported by Enterprise Estonia (EAS).