TTCN-3 Instructors

Course instructors are engineers who have have been working in Elvior and with TTCN-3 more than 10 years. They have extensive knowledge in development of TTCN-3 based test automation environments. Both are developers of Elvior TTCN-3 tool TestCast.

Tomaš Urban

Tomaš Urban is a head developer of Elvior TTCN-3 tool TestCast. He holds MSc degree in informatics from Brno Mendel University. Tomaš is one of the authors of TTCN-3 standard; he has 10+ years experience on TTCN-3 and 15+ years on software test automation. He has also been working in ETSI at TTCN-3 maintenance group and has been lecturer of Elvior TTCN-3 courses.

Janek Nikolajev

Janek Nikolajev is a senior software engineer at Elvior. He holds MSc degree in electronics from Tallinn University of Technology. He has been working with TTCN-3 10+ years and belongs to Elvior TestCast tool development group. Janek is also expert on TTCN-2; he is author of different LTE specific codecs and adapters and has been working for ETSI IMS and ITS STFs.